Directly get certified from alibaba eGTP Certification
This course offers a Professional Certification in “E-Commerce & Global Trade” from Indian Institute of E-Commerce and (Alibaba) upon successful completion.
Learn. Experience. Master.
Get Practical Training
Every eGTP student get lifetime updates on the ever changing E-Commerce Industry.
Get Certified By IIEC
Its an assessment to make a genius in you, All Answers are right but we promise that you are always ‘Right’.
Get Guarantee Practical Projects
1 Million+ E-Commerce and Global Trade Professionals are needed in India Alone. Lots of high paying Jobs.
This Program is made for you
Watch our detailed training unit as we explain the in and out of E-Commerce & Global Trade Business Strategies from an expert who has made thousands a day using the methods taught in our training.
This program will best benefit you if you are:
What are the requirements?
  • Students need to be committed to changing their life and become e-commerce Professionals
  • Students need to be familiar with the internet and how to operate a computer.
  • Students who want to build their career in International Trade.
What am I going to get from this course?
  1. Get Yourself to a mid managers role with an eGTP Certification in E-Commerce & Global Trade Management.
  2. Get More Job Opportunities and Promotion by aquiring the e-commerce “E” Factor into your resume.
  3. Get The Glamour of “Certified By” ‘Indian Instiute of E-Commerce & Alibaba
  4. Get Life time Updates on E-Commerce Industry and Global trade from us.
  5. Get yourself Globally Recognized ans Respected as an eGTP (E-Commerce & Global Trade Professional)
What is the target audience?
  • This course is perfect for anyone looking to start career in global trade and ecommerce.
  • Anyone who wants more money, more freedom, to escape the rat-race, to spend more time with their family, to be their own boss and travel the World should take this course
Who is the target audience?
  • This course is perfect for anyone looking to start career in global trade and ecommerce Developed by Exclusively.
  • For Entrepreneurs and Startups who want to learn global trade and want to learn how to sell products globally.
  • For College / University Students to explore B2B e-Commerce an Global Trade.
  • Fro Professional Who want to work in B2B e-Commerce companies and Startups

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